NUPSA First Year Orientation and White Coat Ceremony

On Friday October 21, 2022, Nairobi University Pharmacy Students Association (NUPSA) successfully held its inaugural white coat ceremony for Level 1 Bachelor of Pharmacy students as part of the traditional orientation and induction event at Lecture Theatre 3 - Faculty of Health Sciences. The event was attended by students, members of the teaching and support staff, administrators, faculty leadership and other invited guests from the medical/pharmaceutical field.
This ceremony marks the beginning of the professional pharmacy education, with about 100 students going through the tradition. The vision is to establish commitment regarding the expectations and responsibilities appropriate for the pharmacy profession as early as the first year of admission to the undergraduate program.
From the ceremony, the young pharmacy students are expected to benefit as follows:
• Be properly introduced to the pharmacy profession and welcomed into the clinical care teams.
• Be provided with well-defined guidelines regarding the expectations and responsibilities appropriate for the medical profession.
• By taking an oath, they will carry the responsibility of providing comprehensive and compassionate patient care, from the onset.
• The symbolism of being helped to cloak their white coats will reinforce the trust the senior professionals have in them to carry on the tradition of doctoring. This will definitely boost their confidence.
The junior students, under the guidance of the senior continuing students, were given a tour of the facilities at the KNH Campus and taken through the basics for when they progress to begin their sophomore training next year. Senior students gave guidance through peer talks to the new students and particularly on survival tactics, study advice and religious advice to help the first years through their life on campus. They were also introduced to clubs, societies and student associations.
The Association leadership through the Chairperson, Mr. Silvanus Manyala, highlighted specific objectives and the key roles played by professional student bodies. The students were also taken through a presentation on the annual work plan and term projects that are intended to be implemented during the 2022-2023 academic year. Special appearance by the Finance Secretary of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) Council, Ms. Valentine Mwende, who elaborated on the role of UNSA in students' welfare.