On Friday 16th September 2022, Nairobi University Pharmacy Students Association (NUPSA)
and other pharmacy students' association from different universities in the country convened at the
Nairobi Arboretum to participate organized by Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry
(KAPI) through its Pharmacovigilance and Medical Affairs Committee to mark World Patient
Safety Day celebration under the theme “Medication Without Harm”. The commemoration
emphasized on the need to adopt a systems approach and promote safe medication practices to
prevent medication errors and reduce medication-related harm. Special consideration will be given
to areas where most harm occurs. The key action areas are high-risk situations, transitions of care,
and polypharmacy.
The event targeting about 100 pharmacy students and recent graduate students aimed at capacity
building for medication and patient safety and mentorship in pharmacovigilance/post-marketing
surveillance, regulatory affairs, and leadership. Of the total participation, about forty (40)
undergraduate students of the University of Nairobi were involved. The students were privileged
to interact with alumni who are active members of the pharmaceutical industry in the country and
region and this was excellent motivation to them.
These activities were facilitated by the KAPI pharmacovigilance specialists; Dr. Jayesh Pandit,
Dr. Felix Mochache, Dr. Robert Miano, Dr. Angelica Gende Chacha, Dr. Benson Asava and KAPI
Board members (Dr. Winnie Ng'ang'a-Mwangi, Dr. Evah Amwayi, Ms. Anne Dembah, Dr. Francis
Karanja, Dr Odhiambo David). Also in attendance were KAPI partners for this event Dr. Karim
Wanga of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) and Dr Lucas K. Nyabero, CEO Pharmaceutical
Society of Kenya (PSK).