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NUPSA annually holds at least one Corporate Social Responsibility Event aimed to positively impact the community. This year in collaboration with Mazingira Movement, Kibra Sub-County Environment Office, and the Green Army, we decided to organize an Environment Cleanup in Laini Saba Market.


The University of Nairobi on Friday, December 15, 2023 held its 70th graduation. Among the over 5,700 graduands was Mr. Kelvin Waweru, the valedictorian of the ceremony.

Kelvin, a Bachelor of Pharmacy student, was overjoyed by his and his fellow graduands’ achievement.

“I am honoured to address such an outstanding group of people here today,” Kelvin begun.

Kelvin also thanked the lecturers who played a vital role in ensuring that the graduands attained their degrees and skillful training.

White Coat Ceremony for First-Year Students

White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage, welcoming new students into the profession. These ceremonies provide a
platform for senior professionals to reiterate to the students the commitment that they, as student pharmacists, are
making both to becoming and staying proficient in science and also to the human obligations of being a pharmacist.
The justification of this ceremony is based on goodwill felt by participants and an assumed connection between the
ceremony and promoting humanistic values in pharmacy practice.

NUPSA Teambuilding Activity - Mt. Longonot Hike

Mt Longonot is a beautiful and exciting place to go hiking. One of the most thrilling hiking activities at Mt Longonot is
summiting the volcano. The hike to the rim of the volcano is about 3.1 km while a trip around the rim is about 7.2 km
and takes about 5-7 hours to complete. The first half of the hike is relatively easy, with a gentle incline through grassy
fields and forests. However, the second half becomes much more challenging, with a steep ascent up rocky terrain.

Inaugural Launch of Mentorship Program by UON Alumni Association and NUPSA

NUPSA intends to hold an in-person mentorship forum on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at the University Towers.
The mentorship forum has been organized in collaboration with the University of Nairobi Alumni Association
(Pharmacy Chapter) and the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK). It holds immense significance for our students as
it provides them with a unique opportunity to connect with esteemed alumni and professionals in the field of pharmacy.
One of the distinguished guests was a proud alumnus, Dr Isaac Kamamia Wa Murichu. He is the Chairperson of the

World Pharmacists Week 2023 Celebrations

The purpose of the World Pharmacists Day celebrations is to recognize and appreciate the pivotal role pharmacists play
in advancing healthcare, as well as to foster interactions between pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists. This
event offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with professionals in the field, gain insights into their future
careers, and benefit from valuable mentorship. By attending these celebrations, our students will be able to connect

NUPSA Participates in the 2nd Annual YouTH Voices Summit

In partnership with Ryculture Health and Social Innovation, students from NUPSA were privileged to participate in the
2nd Annual YouTH Voices Summit themed: “Activating Youthful Leadership towards the Realization of Universal
Healthcare Coverage (UHC)”. The summit convened thought leaders, youth leaders, and policymakers who shared
insights, stimulated thoughts, and modeled best practices toward sustainable, responsive, and effective health systems.
The key objectives of the summit involved: promoting knowledge sharing and learning among young people working

NUPSA Finalists' Dinner 2023

The NUPSA Finalists' Professional Induction Dinner is a significant milestone for the soon-to-be pharmacy graduates
as they embark on their journey into the professional world. It serves as a formal induction ceremony in addition to the
Oathing Ceremony to come later in the year, marking their transition from students to pharmacists. We believe that your
presence at this event will make it truly special and memorable.
The evening was filled with inspiring keynote speeches from prominent figures in the pharmacy industry, as well as

SAVE THE TREES - Embracing Nature's Green Symphony

In a harmonious celebration of environmental stewardship, the Nairobi Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya in collaboration with NUPSA came together for an awe-inspiring tree planting event. The stage was set at Ole Kasasi
Primary School in Kajiado County, where the air was filled with excitement and the promise of a greener future. With
influential figures from the government lending their support, this remarkable event was a testament to the power of