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World Pharmacists Week 2023 Celebrations

The purpose of the World Pharmacists Day celebrations is to recognize and appreciate the pivotal role pharmacists play
in advancing healthcare, as well as to foster interactions between pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists. This
event offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with professionals in the field, gain insights into their future
careers, and benefit from valuable mentorship. By attending these celebrations, our students will be able to connect

NUPSA NQCL Industrial Tour

As soon-to-be professionals, gaining practical knowledge about quality control (QC) processes and their applications in
the pharmaceutical industry is important. Cognizant to that fact, NUPSA recently planned an industrial tour at the
National Quality Control Laboratory (NQCL).
The NQCL Industrial Tour aimed to give students an understanding of the different testing methods and techniques that
are used to ensure the quality of medical products and devices. The general operations at NQCL are of particular

Patient Counselling Competition - A Thrilling Battle of Clinical Knowledge

The event was organized by Pharmacy Students Association of Kenya (KEPhSA) in collaboration with the South
African Pharmaceutical Student's Federation (SAPSF), Kenya Healthcare Students Summit (KEHSS) and pharmacy
students organizations throughout Kenya. The questions, carefully crafted by KEPhSA, were sent out to the
participating schools. Each school's Organizing Secretary took charge of arranging the event, injecting their unique flair
to create an unforgettable experience.

NUPSA Forum on Safe Sex Practices, Drug Abuse and Mental Health

NUPSA held a Peer Mentorship Forum on Saturday, April 22, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. as part of the association’s
strategic pillars. This student-oriented activity aimed to actively impact about 150
participants from the student population at the Faculty of Health Sciences.
Before the activity, NUPSA organized a mobilization drive that involved students in networking
and fun activities on Friday, April 21, 2023, at the Waterfront Karen. This attracted 127 students
from the faculty who engaged in fun games and a social evening.

The Apothecaries Affair - NUPSA Game Night

The first edition of the The Apothecaries Affair, a fun-filled social engagement for student pharmacists was held on
December 12, 2022 at the Games Room in KNH Campus (KMSH).
Our student members participated in indoor activities including table tennis, dart games, board games, minute-to-win-it
games, pictionary, card games among others. This was in line with our mandate of promoting extra-curricular activities
and social welfare beyond the formal class setting. Besides social interactions, the students were able to nurture their

NUPSA Participates in the University Medical Camp

During the annual World Health Day a medical camp was held by the University of Nairobi at the graduation square
and we as NUPSA got the chance to participate through patient education. With a mission to empower patients through
education, NUPSA took the lead in providing vital information about medication therapy management.
By focusing on medication therapy management (MTM), NUPSA aimed to equip patients with the necessary tools and
knowledge to take control of their health. Through informative discussions and practical demonstrations, attendees

NUPSA Unraveling the Mystery of PrEP

Picture a lively gathering filled with vibrant energy, pulsating music, and an atmosphere of excitement. This was the
scene at the University of Nairobi Sports Complex on the 24th of February 2023 when MyDawa hosted a Fun Day that
not only captivated the youth but also disseminated crucial public health information. With engaging games, enticing
prizes, and live performances by popular DJs, the event drew the attention of young attendees. However, at its core, the

NUPSA Football League

March 2023 marked the beginning of an epic sporting extravaganza, the NUPSA League, which has been captivating
participants and fans alike. The NUPSA League roared to life with a remarkable football season that set the stage for an
unforgettable showdown. Each match was a thrilling exhibition of pure passion and sportsmanship, with teams
displaying their finesse and strategic prowess on the field.
After months of exhilarating matches, the football season concluded in May 2023, leaving us with a victorious team.