NUPSA Finalists' Dinner 2023

The NUPSA Finalists' Professional Induction Dinner is a significant milestone for the soon-to-be pharmacy graduates
as they embark on their journey into the professional world. It serves as a formal induction ceremony in addition to the
Oathing Ceremony to come later in the year, marking their transition from students to pharmacists. We believe that your
presence at this event will make it truly special and memorable.
The evening was filled with inspiring keynote speeches from prominent figures in the pharmacy industry, as well as
representatives from the university administration, alumni, KMA Sacco, PSK and KMPDU. Their words of wisdom
and insights will motivate and guide our graduating class as they embark on their careers. In addition to the speeches,
the meticulously planned elegant dinner is an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the graduates,
faculty, and other industry professionals. It is an excellent networking platform for all attendees, allowing for the
exchange of knowledge, experiences, and potential collaborations.
The guest speaker, Dr Louis Somoni (President of PSK), co-presented alongside Dr Jacqueline Somoni, Director of
Clinical Operations at IAVI on "Professionalism and Excellence in the Pharmacy Industry" during the NUPSA Finalists