Globally, prevalence of diabetes and its related complications has drastically increased since 1980 to a high of over 8% by 2018 leading to over 1.5 million deaths (1). When diabetes is not properly managed, it yields poor prognosis yet, many diabetic patients rarely stick to either conventional or herbal medicine alone. Often, they combine both system of management or they abandon the one they feel it does not yield the outcome they desire (2).
There has been a knowledge gap on the effectiveness of some herbal medicine which may be exploited to yield a much better outcome among the patients. The gap may be due to the fact that, use of herbal medicines have not been properly documented in Kenya. In addition, some patient may also present with undesired drug- drug interaction which may cause the conventional healthcare providers to have a hard time coming up with a care plan as the information regarding this interaction is missing.
The lack of a well-documented patient medication history especially in regards to the use of herbal medicine, espouses the need for development of a tool which will make available all medical and medication history of a patient when coming up with a treatment plan of the diabetic patients.